Thursday, April 17, 2008

Internet Marketing on Social Networks

Social Networking seems to be the craze these days. There are quite a few out there and I'm sure more to come.

I have joined some of these and find them to be a very useful tool if used properly. Unfortunately I see a lot of people joining these sites and using them to spam their business opportunity. Now don't get me wrong Social Networks are a great place to advertise your business. But there is a place for that. Every Social Network site that I have been on has a place to advertise your business. That's where you should post your biz op. Usually when you set up your profile on these sites there is a place to put your url or web site address. That's a start for your advertising. If you want more exposure than that, go to the place where you can post your biz op. There are usually more that one place to do so.

All of them have forums or groups for a variety of different subjects ranging from specific businesses to pets to just friends. The way you should use these sites is to go to the different forums/groups and get to know the people there. You will find people that have the same interests as you both in the business arena and out. Look for those that have the same interests and introduce yourself. Don't talk about business right away. Just get to know them. Find out what their opportunity is or if they have some other interest in common with you.

After you get to know them a bit you can find out how they are advertising. What tools do they use. You may find something you didn't know was even out there and be able to apply it to your biz op and become more successful. Always share your information with them as it pertains to what tools you use as well. They might find something in your bag of tricks that they didn't know about. And if it is lets say an affiliate program that you are using to lets say advertise your business, now you have a new prospect for that opportunity. There are so many programs and tools out there, I know everybody is not using all of them or has even heard of therm all.

I use Social Networking as stated above and find it to be very rewarding. Both for my business and for the friendships that I build along the way.

These little tidbits will help you build a stronger team. If you're lucky enough you might even find that diamond in the rough that will join you in building a team that is unstoppable.

Always be yourself, be positive, polite, and pleasant. Don't try to be something you're not.

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Everybody have a great and successful day,
Bill Rowe

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